Lankayan Wreck

  • Lankayan Wreck

     Lankayan Wreck

    Lankayan Wreck is a popular wreck diving station in the island of Lankayan. With a shallow diving depth varying from 15 m to 23 m, this Lankayan wreck diving spot is advisable for novice divers. There is usually no current here but the surface conditions can be rough. The visibility is fair, ranging from 3 m to 15 m.

    This site has two wrecks lying at approximately 24 m deep. The wrecks are not much coated with corals. However, they attract large numbers of colorful fish. The variety of fish here includes big groupers, ghost pipefish, mackerels, cardinals, yellow sea perch, huge bump head parrotfish and barracudas. You may also spot the amazing whale sharks during the months between March and May.

    Due to the decompression limits, you may only hover around the wrecks for only 40 to 45 minutes. Thereby, you better not waste any moment while you’re there.

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