Mosquito Wreck

  • Mosquito Wreck

     Mosquito Wreck

    Mosquito Wreck is another fine wreck dive site in Lankayan. Here you’ll find a ship wreck that was once a part of Japan’s Mosquito fleet during the Second World War. The wreck is a sanctuary for many beautiful aquatic creatures including large schools of jacks, barracudas and species of tropical groupers. Outside the wreck, you are lucky if you spot the rare manta rays or even the mighty whale sharks.

    The site is good for both amateur and advanced divers. The dive here begins at 15 m and reaches up to 25 m. The visibility is from 3 m to 20 m and the water temperature varies from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. The current is usually zero to mild and the surface conditions may be rough.

    You can experience a great dive here all year round but be cautious when the weather is bad.

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