Twin City

  • Twin City

     Twin City

    Twin City is another favorite Lankayan dive site that is known for its two small reefs. The reefs are closely divided by a narrow sandy area. There is an abundant growth of nice gorgonian sea fans and coral bushes in both reefs.

    Among the black coral bushes, you must keep an eye for tiny transparent shrimps that comes in a large number. In the reefs, you will see blue fusiliers, rabbit fish and glassfish which are usually seen in the place. If lucky, you may find a bamboo shark or a cat shark that are occasionally lurking around the water. Plus, watch out for some lionfish that are hovering around the nice coral blocks. Also, be aware of the small jellyfish in the base area for they sting.

    The usual current here is zero to moderate. Diving season is all year round but it’s not advisable to dive during tough weather conditions.

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